Keynote Speakers  主讲嘉宾

Prof. Henry Leung
IEEE Fellow & SPIE Fellow
University of Calgary, Canada

Henry Leung is a professor of the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering of the University of Calgary. His current research interests include data analytic, information fusion, machine learning, signal and image processing, robotics and internet of things. He has published over 300 journal papers and 250 refereed conference papers. Dr. Leung has been the associate editor of various journals such as the IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, International Journal on Information Fusion, IEEE Trans. Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems, Scientific Reports He has also served as guest editors for the special issue “Intelligent Transportation Systems” for the International Journal on Information Fusion and “Cognitive Sensor Networks” for the IEEE Sensor Journal. He is the editor of the Springer book series on “Information Fusion and Data Science”. He is a Fellow of IEEE and SPIE.

Speech Title: 3D Video Analytic for Autonomous Driving
Abstract: In this talk we present our works on 3D video analytic for autonomous vehicles using RGBD data. A visual SLAM system for motion tracking of vehicles will be described to assist autonomous driving in real environments including highways, residential, semi-urban and urban roads. The proposed approach uses motion prior to obtain accurate motion estimation in metric scale. 3D object detection and tracking are developed for obstacles avoidance, including approaches to enhance object detection in different environments. The proposed RGBD image processing techniques for SLAM, object detection and object tracking will be evaluated using publicly available benchmark datasets and experimental datasets we collected for practical driving scenarios.



Prof. Jing Xu
Zhejiang University, China

Prof. Jing Xu received his BS degree in Information Engineering from the Jinan University in 2007, and his PhD degree in Information Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011. He is a professor at Ocean College, Zhejiang University, where he leads the Optical Communications Laboratory. He is currently engaged in 5 research projects that are supported by NSFC and The National Key Research and Development Program of China, as well as 15 other projects. He published more than 120 papers on international journals or conferences with a total of more than 1500 citations and h-index 19, as reported by Google Scholar. He has been Co-Chair of several international conferences and served on some TPCs. He serves as a Topical Editor of Chinese Optics Letters (IF: 2, JCR Q2).

Speech Title: Underwater Wireless Optical Communications
Foreseeing the proliferation of underwater vehicles and sensors, underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC) is a key enabler for ocean exploration, with strong competitiveness in short-range bandwidth-intensive applications. The talk introduces the basic concepts and essential features of UWOC, as well as an overview of work being conducted in this field. Research challenges, arising from the characteristics of underwater channels, and possible roadmaps are discussed.