Track 9

Intelligence of System Communication, Control and Reliability

Track Topics:
Potential topics of interest include but are not limited to:

▪ Intelligent Robot
▪ Intelligent Control
▪ Embedded Vision
▪ Intelligent Electromechanical System
▪ Wireless Communications and Signal Processing
▪ Massive MIMO
▪ mmWave Communications
▪ Heterogeneous Network
▪ D2D Communications
▪ 5G Communications
▪ UAV Network
▪ Internet of Things
▪ Communications of Intelligent UAV Network
▪ Modeling of Intelligent UAV Network with Situation
▪ Interference and Confrontation of UAV Network
▪ System Performance of UAV Network Under Interference and Confrontation
▪ Reliability and Performance of Intelligent UAV Network
▪ Testing of Intelligent UAV Network
▪ Intelligent Analysis of System Reliability
▪ Intelligent Analysis of Software Reliability
▪ Software Testing and Reliability
▪ Intelligence Application in System and Software Reliability
▪ Control Theory and Application
▪ Reliability and Systems Engineering
▪ Signal and Information Processing