Track 7

Radar Signal Processing

Track Topics:
Potential topics of interest include but are not limited to:

▪ Radar Resource Management
▪ Target Detection, Tracking and Localization
▪ Adaptive Waveform Optimization in Cognitive Radar Systems
▪ Integrated Radar and Communication System
▪ Cooperative Mission Assignment and Management in Radar Network
▪ SAR Technology
▪ Radar Subsystems and Components
▪ Radar Phenomenology and Scattering
▪ Radar Systems
▪ High-Resolution Radar Imaging and Classification
▪ Cognitive Sensing and Learning Methods
▪ Waveform Diversity and Design
▪ Multistatic and Passive Radar
▪ ECCM and Interference Cancellation
▪ Radar Data Processing
▪ Space-Based Radar Systems and Missions